Notwithstanding the evidence of too-late measures to end patient attendants working in multiple CHSLDs to stop the spread of the virus there, and for the safety of Haitian and other mostly-immigrant workers left to bring Covid back to their communities;

Notwithstanding the evidence filed late in twenty-nineteen that the overwhelmingly white MTL police target people of colour five times more than whites — and for Indigenous women the number is eleven;

Notwithstanding Bill 21, that denies a woman, almost always of colour, her choice to teach, out of fear that a veil is her way to preach; and the disconnect between the regions of Quebec where the law is favoured, and Montreal where it takes effect;

Notwithstanding the slayings of Anthony Griffin, Fredy Villanueva, Alain Magloire, and also shot and killed: Bony Jean-Pierre, Pierre Coriolan, Nicholas Gibbs and how many more who did not die but were harrassed with no good reason why;

Notwithstanding the evidence to the contrary, Quebec, our First Minister assures us, is not perfect, but we have, he says with his trademark avuncular calm, and deaf to tone, no systemic racism.

Notwithstanding thousands here in the streets, once again, to sound the alarm, we are told there is no cause for alarm, adding insult to injury, and alarm to harm, when we should all be standing arm in arm.

Text and design: John Kerkhoven



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