Chicago Reverie

El train night rain
blues town are you down
in architecture town
tents and trash
down by the river
I got a right to sing the blues

Skid Rohe I mean van der Rohe
the masses versus volume
upsetting the Chicago school column
turning the pedestal on its head
the river runs backwards
time stands still in the monumental stones
paying tribute in the Tribune tower walls

Michigan street Michigan bridge
Michigan lake the late
Willie Dixon told his grandson
don't let anyone
push you around
don't get mad, get smart
don't let the beaux arts
get you down

Chi-town Millenium Park Fort
Dearborn fire fairs four stars
for the forlorn in the place
where presidents are not born
but made how can you stand it
like lemonade entrepreneurship
the night spring rain falls
on the homeless

the golden mean in the
international style
American dream so long
as you are rich so long
blues so long but if you are
so poor you walk with a cane
but you are only middle-aged
or you run or shout
like you are insane
when you are only wired
because you are tired
of the broken bottom rung
of disadvantage
and there is no in-between,
America, my friend, America,
smiling and courteous and ready to serve,
America, America is mean.



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