For the poeple of Diego Garcia, Chagos Archipelago

The plight of the Chagossians at the mercy of the British government exposes the cynical hypocrisy of colonial states who will champion liberty and democracy till the cows come home but trod over others where it suits their national interest. The Chagossians were forcibly removed them from their islands in the 1960s and with no right of return in what can best be described as the last hurrah of British colonialism. It must be described as their last hurrah since they did not even do it for themselves so much as for their American allies.

The last great move of the British was to declare, in 2010, the islands and the waters around Diego Garcia a Marine Protected Area, thus further ensuring that access be restriced and further securing the long-term presence there of a US naval base from which sorties can be conducted to bomb Middle East countries should the need arise. This special area status has since been declared illegal.

Plantation Building Diego Garcia

Plantation buildings used by the evicted former occupants of Diego Garcia – Wikimedia Commons

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For the people of Diego Garcia

Published in Poetry Quebec,
Issue Nº 7, Dec 24, 2011



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