Digital Age Socrates

You’re a digital age Socrates,
a Famousbook sensation,
a Youtube of truthpaste
“to help fight intellectual decay”.

A prince pimpled man,
self-assured and self-critiquing,
common sense excreting.
A self-made social media star.

Tell us again
how you got that scar,
and what makes you a warrior
in the war against SJWs.

I heard you took a stand
on a soapbox of sand
a brave face facing
the human race erasing

sacred self-empowerment vows
of freedom of speech
and freedom of thought.
You will not bow

to the penitential code
purporting to uphold
the rights of LGBTQ
2. What if it were you?

You’re a digital age Socrates
in a world-wide web
fresh out of hemlock.
You may have to stage

your own mock trial.
How will you go down?
Not in denial. And you can’t
go free: that's not in the script.

Will you tweet some twaddle
like that president twit?
Your pedestal, I predict,
will grow thin and crack,

your legacy summed up in
some solemn in meme-orium:
your grey visage and a vigorous
quote that life is hard and times

are dark, that danger lurks
beneath the surface. I see it
photoshoped with a big cartoon
cigar: a meme to float down

newsfeeds, like a sooty
snowflake, juxtaposed,
I hope, with Viktor Frankl:
Find a purpose.

Have you nothing
better to do?
Digital Age Socrates,
you can’t be Plato too.



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