book reviews

The following reviews appeared in Vallum: new international poetics.


Sachiko Murakami

Vallum: 9:1


I do not think
that I could love
a human being

Johanna Skibsrud

Vallum: 8:2

New Canadian
Ecological Poetry

Madhur Anand and
Adam Dickinson, eds.

Vallum: 8:1

film reviews

The following reviews are published at

Keeping It Real:
Families, Community,
and Mental Illness

Unbreakable Minds

Directed by
Abbey Jack Neidik

2004, 60 minutes, Canada


A Model of Self-Preservation

Madame Tutli-Putli

Directed by Chris Lavis
and Maciek Szczerbowski

2007, 17 minutes, Canada

scherzo transfiguro


Directed by
Georges Schwizgebel

2006, 4 minutes, Canada

Texte original en franšais

Lonely Hearts Club

Italian for Beginners

Written and directed by
Lone Scherfig

#12 in the Dogme series of films

2000, 97 minutes, Denmark

Inside the Head of a Killer


Directed by Erik Skjoldbjaerg

Written by Nikolaj Frobenius
and Erik Skjoldbjaerg

1997, 97 min, Norway

That Cat is a Fish

Walking Catfish Blues

Directed by Paul Morstad

2004, 4 minutes, Canada

A Portrait of Grief and Mourning

For the Living and the Dead

Official Selection, The Montreal
World Film Festival, 2005

Directed and written by
Karl Paljakka

2004, 95 min, Finland

Secret Love

The Milkwoman

Winner, Jury Prize, The Montreal
World Film Festival, 2005

Directed by Akira Ogata

2005, 127 min, Japan

Motherhood with Disabilities:
Susan Tom's Flesh and Blood

My Flesh and Blood

Directed by Jonathan Karsh

2003, 84 min, USA



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